About Us

It isn’t easy to be a watchdog of the online casino industry.  There are thousands of online casinos and some are decidedly better than others.  Any well-established online casino will have a wealth of gaming choices plus many other offers to enhance your gaming pleasure.  It is daunting to the point of impossible to cover the entire industry in one website.  So All Jackpots Casino Bonus made an important decision: to find one super excellent online casino and concentrate on it alone.

That great casino is All Jackpots.

Our Mission Statement: All Jackpots Casino Bonus has chosen one casino to report on exclusively.  Our dedication to independent reporting permeates our site. We will never be deterred from our goal of pursuing and reporting on excellence in online gaming.

Finding a Proper Casino

We had to list for our own use all the aspects of excellence our casino of choice had to have to be considered. 

  • Safe banking practices from A to Z.
  • Banking in Australian dollars.
  • Independent regulation and certification.
  • A wealth of games in many game categories.
  • User friendly promotions.
  • A VIP area with extra benefits for high rollers.
  • A 24/7/365 support centre.
  • A full commitment to responsible gaming and the concomitant emphasis on fun and entertainment.

There are many other aspects to All Jackpots casino as there would be with any long-established online casino.  We chose All Jackpots because it met our very strict criteria extremely well.

Being Realistic

By choosing this casino, we are not stating that no other online casino is worthy of your allegiance; only that we feel that All Jackpots definitely is and deserves a site that will report about it to the Aussie gaming community.

Making a Great Casino Better

We believe strongly that the casino feels a degree of pressure to always be in the forefront regarding developments in the online gaming milieu simply because there is a site that will be the first to report both the good and the not so good to the Aussie public.

The List Explained

We emphasize safe banking from A to Z because all too many casinos lose track of withdrawals before they have been safely ensconced in the player’s bank.  Our chosen casino keeps track of withdrawals all the way.

It goes without saying that Australian players want to be able to bank in AUD.

Regulation means that the casino cannot willy-nilly make any old decision it wants to make.

Certification means that the casino willingly accepts frequent surveys of its games and banking and that the Random Number Generator allows a large payout rate, close to 100%, and randomly decides the outcome of every game.

Online gamers like to play a wide variety of games.

User friendly promotions emphasize fun and entertainment and make as many players as possible winners.

High rollers stay at a casino that pampers them. 

Around the clock support is a must in a world that narrows every day and includes players from every corner of the Earth and people with many different national and religious holidays.

It is impossible to overemphasize the importance of treating online casino gaming as pure entertainment.  The casino discourages in the strongest terms gaming with money that has been earmarked for a different, more important purpose.

Special Deals

We will continue to make every effort to get unique deals for our readers. 

We believe that our readers deserve special consideration because even if you’re not all high rollers, you all are VIPs in our eyes.