I think the main motivation most of us have for playing casino games at the online casino is to have a good time. It’s exciting to log in and see if any new games have been added or if there any brand new promotions to enjoy. If we collect loyalty points it is also exciting to see our tally grow as we make our way further up the ladder and wait for our exclusive invitation to join the VIP club. However, undoubtedly one of the most exciting parts of playing online games is winning money at the casino.

Some games have a higher volatility meaning that you are more likely to win large amounts more infrequently, whilst others are low volatility games where you can win smaller amounts more frequently. Every player has a personal reference, whilst some players enjoy knowing the odds of winning at pokies frequently, they should aim for the games with a low volatility, whilst if you are playing to win a huge jackpot, you should focus on the high volatility games.


As mentioned above, before beginning to play your pokies game of choice, make your way to the pokies payout table and see if this is a high or a low volatility game. If the game does not explicitly sate this fact you can deduce this from the fixed jackpot of the game. A pokies game with a very high fixed jackpot is a high volatility game, if you are looking for some low key gaming action where you can make some frequent wins, you should play the low volatility games.

If you were hoping to learn some tips on how to win pokies games then you may be slightly disappointed to learn that there really are no specific strategies you can use. Pokies are the ultimate game of luck at the online casino. The computer generated games are completely random and there is no way you can actually influence where the reels will land. After placing your bet and hitting the spin button, you will just have to sit back and pray to Lady Luck that your spin will result in a winning combination.

The only real strategy that is important to remember is that if you are playing a progressive pokies game and you wish to try your hand at winning the progressive jackpot, you must activate all of the paylines. There are probably fewer things more disappointing in this world than realizing you could have won a million dollars if only you would have enabled all of the paylines when playing a progressive pokies game.


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