Exclusive Welcome Package
€800 BONUS
1st / 2nd / 3rd / 4th Deposit - Match Bonus up to €400 • New customers only • Min deposit €10 • wagering

Cashville Mobile Pokies – 50,000 and 60,000 Coins Can Be Won in One Spin!

Cash! Fame! Richness and luxury! All of these can now be yours as you start playing Cashville Mobile Pokies! This incredible game will let you win up to 500,000 coins in one spin, multiple benefits and incredible rewards and most importantly… unique and exclusive gambling methods you will simply not be able to find at any other game! Are you ready to experience the thrill of your life? If so, join us now and start accumulating your victories! At this pokies game for mobile and tablet you will be able to see the most luxurious symbols of coloured cash banknotes, expensive cigars, beautiful men and women, and of course – the best gambling methods of them all! Lines’ bets, BET MAX and Auto Spin options, Scatter, Bonus and Wild symbols, Gamble feature, and a lot more!

How Do I Win the Big Bonuses?

Bonus Feature is surely one of the most special and unique advantages existing in this game and there is absolutely no reason you will let yourself give up on that!

Once three, four or five Bonus symbols appear on your reels you can already know for sure the Cashville Bonus Game is just about to get started! During this game, you will be able to choose 1 out of 4 Billionaires whose game you can play. Are you ready to learn what is going to be your benefit over here? A HUGE prize of up to 60,000 is guaranteed to all Bonus Game players! Be a part of it now!

Amazing! Can I make the Game Automatically Play for Me?

Of course you can, and you definitely SHOULD be doing so! One of the best things All Jackpots Casino bonus can benefit you with is the ability to feel like a king while you are enjoying one of the most luxurious games existing on web (and available on mobile and tablet as well)! Once you start playing the auto mode you can be sure the reels will keep on spinning without any action required from your side at all! In addition to that, you will still be able to win more and more credits, and know for sure the bonuses will still be included in your potential wins!

So, how can you make that happen? The very first thing you will be required to do is press the EXPERT button (as you are becoming one, once you start using the special gaming features). Afterwards, you will have the ability to choose exactly how you are going to execute the Auto Spins feature.

You have the ability to control the number of spins which will be automatically played, either by opting one of the suggested options on the window which will be opened for you, or simply type in the specific number of spins you are interested in. Regarding the method the reels will stop from spinning, full control is yours over here as well. You can choose the reels will stop the spinning once a specific number of credits is won by you, or only after all spins are fully complete. Did you choose 500 spins which will be played until stop? Wonderful! Are you interested in stopping the auto - spins before all of them are over? That is also cool! You definitely have the ability to do so! A Stop button will always be available for you, so you can still be in full control over the game and its different features!

Is there a Super Special Way to Win the Spins?

Thrill and excitement are essential in different gambling games! Since Cashville pokies game is considered as a game in which surprises and fun are constant, you can be definitely sure you’ll find your exciting way to win the credits! But just before you start exploring the multiple offerings of this wonderful game, it is important that you learn everything about the Wild symbol, which is definitely capable of rewarding you with everything you have ever dreamed of!

Wild is a very special symbol since it has the ability to take the place of each and every one of the money symbols appearing on your reels! How can this feature help you? That’s simple! Imagine a spin in which two identical money symbols are on your reels, one by the other. As you probably know by now, these two symbols are not enough in order to grant you with additional credits. However, once a Wild symbol also appears on your reels, specifically next to one of these two symbols, a three of a kind would immediately be created. The creation of this new combination will result in additional credits appearing on your payline box right away and in your ability to play more and more spins, and to win additional credits, of course.

The very same method can be applied for three of a kind (which will create four of a kind for you) and on four of a kind (which, thanks to the Wild symbol, will appear as five of a kind in no time, rewarding you with the highest payouts of them all!).

Wild and Scatter – the Monetary Benefits!

Wild symbol surely has a few more ways to grant you during this game!

Two, three, four and five Wild symbols, once appearing on your screen, will grant you with credits right away even without participating in the creation of better gaming combinations! Two Wild symbols will be equal to 4 credits right away, while winning three such symbols will let you enjoy 180 credits in no time. Did you win four Wild symbols? Be prepared to enjoy no less than 1500 credits on the spot! 5 Wild symbols are on your reels? Be sure additional 50,000 credits will appear right away in your payline box!

Wait, that is not all! Scatter symbol is also a special benefit existing in your game! While three Scatter symbols (which can be recognized by the golden S appearing on a green background), will be equal to 8 credits, you can know for sure four such symbols will be worth no less than 30 credits. Are 5 Scatter symbols now yours? Then so will be 300 credits!


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