Cupid's Target Promo at All Jackpots Casino

February is a month for romance at the All Jackpots casino where mobile gamers had new and exciting opportunities to boost their casino wins. The Cupid's Target Promo at All Jackpots Casino is open to all mobile gamers who can add draw prizes to their table games, card games, online lotteries and pokies. Mobile players are invited to sign into their online casino account via their mobile browser or through the mobile casino app, opt into the promotion and start playing any of their preferred games. At the end of each week there is a draw for mobile casino bonus cash and the more you play the more tickets you earn to enter into the draws. 

Even as the mobile casino for Aussies  pays out regular game payouts, game bonuses and casino bonuses, gamers will collect tickets for the weekly draws. Every Saturday during the month of February, mobile casino excitement reaches its peak when the Cupid's Target Promo at All Jackpots Casino draw takes place. $25,000 in cash prizes will be given away every week. You have four chances to collect your portion of the $100,000 February bonus gifts.

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day celebrations are observed around the world, from the United States and Canada in North America to Korea and Japan in Asia and Australian and New Zealand in the Pacific.

The origins of Valentine's Day are murky. Most scholars believe that Chaucer, a 14th century English poet, triggered the establishment of a day that would be devoted to lovers. This day took the name of St. Valentine, a 3rd century saint who helped Roman couples who had been forbidden from marrying by the Emperor Claudius. As the centuries passed the observance of Valentine's Day expanded, ranging from notes and poems sent to a cherished friend or lover to gifts lavished on the subject of one's affections.

Today couples exchange Valentine's Day Cards, flowers, elaborate gifts, chocolates and other tokens. French Valentine's Day celebrants exchange "cartes d'amities," an easier way to declare affection than the old-fashioned "drawing out" ceremony in which potential lovers were expected to declare their intentions by shouting out from windows. Valentine's Day in Turin traditionally involved  upcoming marriage announcements while in Korea and Japan, men give presents to lovers on February 14th while women  return the sentiment on March 14th.

The February mobile casino fun at All Jackpots gives you a chance to earn some extra funds for your own Valentine's Day celebrations. Alternately, you can simply add extra winnings to the month's gambling entertainment.

How to Play

Everyone has multiple chances to acquire tickets in the Cupid's Target promo at All Jackpots.  Throughout February you nave numerous chances to win in the weekly draws. You play your games and earn tickets to the upcoming draw. When the draw is held on the upcoming Saturday you'll find out what you've won. The more tickets that you have to enter into the draw, the better your chances are to win prizes. Each draw runs independently so every week you have a whole new set of possibilities to enjoy new successes.

As you play your favourite games, including lottery games, table games, casino pokies or card games, you earn loyalty points. For every 50 points you receive a ticket to the Draw. For instance, if you accumulate 100 loyalty points in one promotional period you receive 2 draw tickets. If you earn 100 loyalty points EVERY DAY during one week you'll receive 14 draw tickets to the upcoming draw.

There's a ticket booster to boost your ticket tally. For every 3 days that you play during a promotional period you receive a 3x multiplier on your existing tickets. Play for 4 days and earn a 4x multiplier. When you play for 5 days you'll receive a 5x multiplier on your existing tickets. Six days of play earns you a 6x multiplier. When you play for 7 days your existing tickets are multiplied by 7x.

Promotional periods:

Round 1: January 31  – February 6

Round 2: February 7– February 13

Round 3: February 14– February 20

Found 4: February 21– February 27

Draws are held on the Saturday that ends the promotional week. Your wins will be credited to your account that Sunday to start out your new promotional period.

Checking your Standing

On the promotion webpage there's a Check my Tickets tool which allows you to stay on top of your ticket collection. You'll always be able to ascertain the number of tickets that you have to enter into the next Draw. When you click on the "Check my Tickets" button you can determine the number of tickets that you have to enter into the upcoming Draw, both tickets that you earned through your loyalty points and booster tickets that you have through your booster multiplier.

There's also a leaderboard on the promotion webpage where you can compare your position in relation to other gamers. On the leaderboard, your rank, based on the number of earned tickets, will be displayed. To check the leaderboard, click "leaderboard" and submit your username. The casino's mail service will send you a message which tells you how many tickets you earned, the number of gaming days which boosts your ticket tally and the multiplier that you've earned for the upcoming draw.


Every week $25,000 will be given away --a total of $100,000 will be distributed through the Cupid's Target promotion during the month of February. Every week five players will win $1000 each,  10 players will win $500 each, 25 players will win $100 each, 50 players will win $50 each, 100 players will win $25 each, 250 players will earn $10 each and 1000 players will each receive $5 in casino cash.

On Sunday morning, when you log into your account, you'll see how much you've you’re your Cupid's Target bonus payouts are available to you from the day that the casino credits them to your account through the end of the following round.

Random Romantic Get-Away

There's an extra bonus for mobile All Jackpots players. Gamers who play between February 7 and February 10 may be one of the lucky winners to win one of three $1000 tickets for a romantic Valentine's Day get-away. 

When you play on your mobile device in February you can benefit from heightened casino fun and real money earnings at the Cupid's Target Promo at All Jackpots Casino.