With Passport to Riches everyone wins, and up to 1000,000 credits! Passport to Riches!

It is time to play and win at the most incredible promotion you ever took part of! The magnificent promotion Passport to Riches is here to let you have some fun and there is no chance you are going to miss it! Once you play the online contests you give yourself the chance to be benefited with up to $100,000 in credits, cash and multiple prizes as well as get souvenirs and wonderful benefits from your favourite casino! So many gamblers have participated before you in the multiple promotions and won the incredible benefits, and now when the most rewarding promotion of them all is available to you – you surely want to participate! So with no longer hesitations, let's dive in and let you understand exactly what YOU can win!

When Does It Start? When Can I Join?

Well, you can join right now! The promotion starts at July the 5th at 00:01 GMT and you are completely competent of joining it immediately! All you have to do is login and wager a minimal deposit of 50 credits (or more, if you want to, of course) and thus you give yourself the possibility to step inside this crazy world! Similarly to previous online casino promos for Aussies, this promo will be taking place at several casinos. Besides the reputable All Slots Casino, you will be able to enjoy this promotion at Wild Jack Casino, VIP Lounge Casino, and All Jackpots Casino. It is only up to you to decide where you want to start and how far you want to get with your winning potential!

The promotion itself divides into four different time periods which start one after the other. The first time period is available for you right now, which is July the 5th, starting from 00:01 GMT. This time period will be over after a week at July 11th, at 23:59 GMT. When this promo is over you can start to enjoy the subsequent one which will embark on July 12th 00:01 and will come to an end at the following week – July 18th 23:59. After all these time periods are over, you get to enjoy (and want to seize to the most) the last time period which takes place from July 19th at 00:01 GMT until August 1st 23:59.  

During these time periods, certain rules apply in order for you to really participate and be able to win at all the wonderful prizes available. The minimal deposit amount in order to enter each week to the crazy party of benefits is 50 credits. Once you pass that phase, you are completely inside and every day you wager there benefits you with another stamp on your passport. The more stamps you manage to collect during that time, the more you allow yourself to enjoy higher and better chances to win credits and rewards.

First of all, be sure that once you start collecting the numerous stamps, you are not left with only the chance to win. A minimal amount of 2 stamps will put you on the safe side and a guaranteed bonus will be yours, one way or another. Now let's get to the details! As mentioned, each day you deposit is another day you receive a stamp on the passport. A collection of 2 – 4 stamps will let you enjoy a chance of winning up to 50 credits. Once you move forward and you manage to collect 4 – 6 stamps in one week, you give yourself the option to enjoy a win of up to 100 credits.

Lastly, highest credits can now be yours (150 credits, to be exact) if you stick with the stamps, collect one each and every day, and end up with no less than 7 stamps at the end of the week. Every Sunday (at July 12, July 19, July 26 and August 2) the stamps are being counted at the casino and the different gamblers get to enjoy the different rewards, just as promised. You surely want to be one of them, so be sure to join and collect! In addition to all these great treats, remember that playing in SEK can benefit you with a mutilation of your bonuses by 10! It is time to get started!!!

Souvenirs - Your Precious Prizes!

Yes, there is more to all of that! Once you play online contests you let yourself enjoy better chances of winning, better prizes and better gambling and gaming experience! Once you start taking part in the wonderful adventure of souvenirs, you give yourself the opportunity to win more and more mementos which will last with you for some very long time and let you remember all the wonderful places you stamped your passport at, all around the world!

The most incredible part over here is, that once you collect your second and forth stamps on your passport, you get to enjoy an extra (and a very special) offer from your casino which will be granted to you right on the next time you login to your account. Just to give you a little taste of what's going on over here, examples of prizes you can win are 24 hours of free spins and loyalty points at wonderful featured bonus casino games (once you make a qualified deposit). Additionally, free spins specifically on Avalon will be yours once you play via your mobile device.

Passport to Riches Draw

Another opportunity to win is now yours! The ability to have up to 20,000 in credits can be easily won by you during July the 19th and August the 2nd, which are the dates the Passport to Riches draw takes place. During those dates credits are granted to gamblers, and once you win them you have up to 7 days to seize them so don't let yourself miss even one moment!