Pharaoh’s Treasure Promo at All Jackpots

Playing online casino games can be fun and enthralling if you know where to find the most interesting themes and ideas. It also doesn’t hurt if there’s an incredible deal involved, raising the stakes and making it all much more interesting. In order to enjoy your experience to the fullest, check out the Alljackpots monthly promotions and make the most of it, using unforgettable prizes to add to the whole adventure. Win prizes while playing new games and use them in order to prolong your entertainment.

In the newest promotion this month you are given the chance to unlock various prizes that can be used in different venues, such as Alljackpots Casino, All Jackpots Casino, Wild Jack Casino, The VIP Lounge Casino and more. These prizes range from free spins on a few chosen games, to winning double points on the games featured at that round – and that’s not the end of it! All your payouts while you use your prizes are credited to your bonus balance. Before you lose yourself in all the fun, make sure you have all the information you need to play peacefully; that way, you will be able to enjoy the experience to the fullest. After you do that, there is no stopping you!

How Does it Work?

The promotion began on June 3rd and will be running in full mode up until the end of the month. During this period of time, 8 rounds will take place, each of them lasting between three to four days. In each round you can play as many games as you want, unlocking the prizes in the process. The prizes will be available to you only if you meet the following conditions: you must play in at least 2 unique games, making a minimum of 10 bets per game. During your first round you would be able to unlock one treasure chest, and on the following rounds you have the ability to unlock up to 3 treasure chests – based on the number of unique games you played during the previous round. As you play more, the more chests you can get. The rules and details provided on the website are simple and easy to understand, giving you the chance to enjoy the games without the need to worry about the small print.

Know Your Game

Before you start playing, take notice of all the rules, which you can find on the website. That way you would be able to avoid any misunderstandings. For example, you should be aware of the fact that the credits and free spins you win on your games will be erased if you don’t use them during a 7 days period from the day of the winning. Also, the treasures must be opened during the same round in which they are awarded. The website also has a list of all the available prizes, the games you can play, how to use the treasures you unlock and more important information. If you know all the terms and the rules, you can easily enjoy the extraordinary deal and win cash prizes.

All in All…

The Pharaoh’s Treasure promo at All Jackpots is an amazing opportunity to try your luck and have the best time you can ever imagine! The prizes are unique and very rewarding, making the whole experience that much better. If you already decided to play online casino games, this is definitely the best of the Aussie online casino promotions you have out there at the moment. Use all the advantages you are given, and have fun with it while you still can!