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Terminator 2 Online Slots

Have you ever felt intrigued and interested by the secret agent's world? Did electric sounds and titles rolling over the screen make you feel something mysterious and unique is about to happen? Did you ever want to crack some codes and make unsolvable riddles all of a sudden solvable? And most importantly, did you want to be much closer to this fascination while you win more and more credits while playing the casino?

Terminator 2 Online Slots is proud to introduce you to the top rated online pokies game that not only will let you enjoy all the fascinating mysteries of this world, but will also treat you with unforgettable gambling rewards! The ability to win up to $440,000 in 243 ways during the game and 1024 ways during free spins, beloved features such as the WILD and Scatter symbols, and unique features such as the T 800 and T 1000 will make this whole experience wonderful, and simply pure fun!

T 1000 and T 800 – What are they? 

These two features are unique and appear only on Terminator 2. The T 800 VISION is a mode, which once activated quickly increases your ability to win and simply lets more credits be won for you. The T 1000 however, is the symbol responsible for the activation of the T 800 mode. 

What Other Special Features Exists On Terminator 2?

Once you choose to play for real on Terminator 2 you are automatically rewarded with some very unique features. Besides the T 800 and T 1000 features described above, the Scatter symbol also takes place in our great pool of surprises.

If you have already played pokies before, you are most probably familiar with the concept of Scatter. Scatter can evoke the free spins bonuses and virtually let you win a lot of credits while you deposit nothing. Now, on Terminator 2 there is more than that when we get Scatter on the reels.


As you can probably understand, there is not only one Scatter symbol over here. Red Scatter is the first form, and only one of its kind is required to evoke a change in your game. Once a T 800 VISION mode is activated, a single Scatter on the reels will treat you with additional free spins!


The Blue Scatter, at Terminator 2, is the one you have probably seen at other pokies game if you have had the chance to play for fun before. The Blue Scatter can also benefit you with pokies free spins, but this time 3, 4 or 5 of a kind will have to appear on the reels. Once the required amount is present the magic starts to happen! And, by the way, an automatic payout is already added to your payline thanks to the 3, 4 or 5 Scatter symbols you only start to enjoy from!

Take me to the Great Adventure!

Yes, the Free Spins are a great adventure of its own, there's no doubt about that. Once the Free spins mode is being activated (thanks to the Scatters), your game surely does not look the same. Besides the fact that the background color changes with the whole theme, the music track is altered and background sounds (electric ones, to be precise) also take place. Titles roll up over the screen, and give you a clear sensation of something mysterious that now starts to happen and it is very clear the game is nothing like it was before. Now, besides the fact that special features apply here just as well, your whole winning possibilities expand. During the regular mode of Terminator 2 you can enjoy 243 different ways to win your spins. During the FREE SPINS mode there are virtually 1024 ways to win and the best part is… you are not even asked to deposit anything at all! When the FREE SPINS is your mode, all you have to do is sit in your chair, watch the screen and observe how the game is automatically played for and not vice versa.

What's Really WILD about this game?

The WILD part is, now, just about to begin! Just like previous symbols mentioned, WILD is a symbol that can quickly make your whole game look different. If up until now you were used to the fact that 3, 4 or even 5 symbols of the same kind are required in order to produce you with some credits, this reality changes today. WILD is a wonderful symbol that can be used as a joker and it substitutes virtually all the other symbols on the reels. The only exception is the Scatter, which is a unique symbol of its own and cannot be replaced. However, once two of a kind symbols appear on the reels and the WILD is adjacently present, "three of a kind" can be created using the WILD's unique features. By doing so, WILD allows a win to be produced and new credits are immediately paid to your payline. Similarly, four of a kind and five of a kind can be created with only three and of identical symbols and the assistance of the WILD. In addition to that, it is important to remember that the WILD symbol has another great benefit for you: WILD can produce you payouts of its own and raise the amount of credits you already have.


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