The Quest Promo at All Jackpots Casino - Win Your Free Golden Benefits!

You are about to be exposed to the best mobile casino bonus promo the casino industry has ever released to the gamblers in Australia and the whole world! From now on you can be definitely sure the way to win prizes at the contest in no longer dependent on luck, but essentially on you! You can surely make a change in the results of each round simply by taking the right steps, and you can start doing so right now! Among many other great benefits, you will be able to enjoy the free golden prizes, amazing promotional surprises and multiple great rewards offered to the gamblers as they play along! Don’t waste any single moment and join us as soon as possible! The benefits can already be yours!

How Do I WIn These Benefits?

Winning the benefits is easy and fun! Anyone can do that, and now so can you! All you have to do is follow the rules. First and foremost, as you start participating at the promo, be sure to know what is your goal for the upcoming week / round. At each round you will have to reach a different goal which will be predetermined by the casino. As you reach your goals you make it possible for start enjoying up to 2 free golden bonuses per round. In order to reach your goals, all you will be required to do is play the games. By playing the games you actually start to accumulate loyalty points. Each loyalty point is convertible to 1 promotional point, and promotional points are the tickets required to reach the goals. Therefore, you can clearly understand that the sooner you join, and the sooner you start playing, the greater your chances of winning get!

What Should I Do In Order To Be a Part of the Promotion?

All you have to do is opt one of the few options suggested to step in. Each method will let you simply opt in to the promotion, and once you do, you get to be a part of the best gamblers’ band!

In order to opt in you can click “opt in” or “to the quest” on any of the multiple promotional marketing materials, or click the button marked “to the quest” on any of the landing page of the promotion. In addition to that, you can always reach through “my offers” area in the casino.

The promotion itself is combined of 4 separated rounds, and it is important to opt in to each of the rounds again in order to be eligible to keep on playing.

When Can I Get Started?

Starting the celebration is completely up to you! Since the promotion takes place during most of November, as long as it’s round- time, players can definitely take a part!

The first round, which players can join to, starts at November 1st, 00:01 AM GMT and lasts until the end of the week. Players can start playing and winning right from the very first moment, and reaching the goals will benefit the winners with up to 2 free golden prizes as promised! The players will be able to enjoy the party up until November 7th, 23:59 PM GMT.

Now, the first round may be over, but the promotional is only getting started! As prizes are credited to the players, gamblers can get ready to play and win once more! Round #2 starts at November 8th, 00:01 AM, and once more lasts for a week. The second round will not be over until November 14th, 23:59 PM, GMT.

First half of the promotion is already over and it is time the make the most out of what is left! November 15th, 00:01 AM is the moment to start playing and winning more prizes, surprises and rewards! Another week of celebrations will be taking part until November 21st, 23:59 PM, GMT. Last but not least comes the fourth round which marks the last opportunity gamers have to win the promised benefits! This round will start right at November 22nd, 00:01 AM GMT, and the gamers are encouraged to seize each and every moment of it until November 28th, 23:59 PM GMT. Make sure you opt in to any of the rounds!

I Won the Prizes!

Congratulations! You definitely deserved it! Now you are probably asking yourself how and when you will receive them. When it comes to when, be sure the benefits will already be considered as yours within 15 minutes, in real - time, from the moment you reached your goal for this round. In addition to that, the casino will also take all the relevant steps in order to make sure you don’t miss the good news. A message will be sent to you via the casino’s software, and you will also be informed for winning by an email, so there is no chance you will miss it!

So, Where Do I Play The Quest?

That is a wonderful question! First and foremost, you can always play The Quest Promo at All Jackpots Casino which is known as a great casino for gamblers who are looking to truly enjoy their gambling experience, especially when it comes to playing the promotions! All Jackpots offers both an online version of the casino as well as a mobile casino for Aussies who want to take the gaming experience with them everywhere. The full list of relevant casinos hosting this promo is: All Slots Casino, All Jackpots Casino, First Web Casino, Wild Jack Casino and The VIP Lounge Casino! Over there you will be able to find both this promotion as well as multiple other great benefits and rewards for long- term and new gamblers as well! It is definitely worth to take a look at each of these casinos and to learn what they have to offer!

Additional Relevant Details

Players can always keep in mind that there is a minimal play - through requirement they need to fulfill in order to be eligible to seize their benefits, and that opting in to any round is also mandatory for players who wish to use the bonuses.

Furthermore, it is warmly suggested to check out the Terms and Conditions’ webpage which includes relevant and updated information about the promo.

What are you waiting for? Play now, win now!