ThunderStruck 2 Online Pokies

It is discussed amongst experts in the gaming industry that ThunderStruck 2 Online Pokies is probably the most well-known and played slots or pokies in the MicroGamaing list of slot games. Aussie pokies can now be experienced anywhere at any time.

When players discuss Thunderstruck 2 Online Pokies, automatically what comes to their thinking is the bonus rounds, outstanding earnings, fun in playing and remarkable visuals. It really is difficult to find a better game to play all around. If you thought that the original Thunderstruck slot was good, you will surely see how fantastic this sequel is. The public has taken to Thunderstruck 2 Online Pokies by storm, and that is exactly part of the word Thunderstruck means; by storm. But not just an ordinary storm, but a storm that will bring in lots of prizes and cash. The year 2003 brought in the earliest Thunderstruck Online Slot. Today Thunderstruck 2 Online Slots is at the vortex in Aussie online pokies. So give it a go, and play Thunderstruck 2 Online Slots this arvo or tonight. You heard the term, “different strokes for different folks?” Well, Thunderstruck 2 Online Slots will interest all kinds of people.

Not too Mild, but lots of Wild

Thunderstruck 2 Online Pokies is a game that utilises techniques called 243 ways to win that are on five reels. It is a system that provides the player with more increased ways of winning. It provides extra bonus spins which are free. In this way there is a possibility to achieve ten thousand coins. So in no way is this mild, but surely wild.

Meet the Gods

The special individuals in this game are from the legend of yore. Keep your eyes wide open for Thor, Valkyeie, Raven, Loki and Odin.

In Norse legends, Thor was considered the most central and well-known of the gods. His parents were Fyorgyn and Odin. Fyorgyn is also known as the beautiful and charming earth goddess. Thor was considered the climate and storm god. (the local news could surely use him today)! Thor’s main occupation was that of wild weather.

Thor offers at the final bonus a chance to enter the Great Hall of Spins if you have already made fourteen entries to the Great Hall and you enter again for the fifthteenth time. If so, you will receive twenty five free spins. Added to that you can earn a five times multiplier Rolling Reels bonus.  

The Mjöllnir, the Weapon of Choice

Even Thunderstruck 2 Online Pokies as some fair dinkum Aussie in it. It is the Mjollnir belonging to Thor. It is a bit like a hammer but has a boomerang effect when thrown at an enemy. Thor is one amazing dude, or I should say god. He is capable of chucking lightning rods. Megingjord is the magical belt that builds up his might and strength. He wears a set of gloves which is made of iron that comes from the province of Hamersley in Western Australia. He needs these heavy duty gloves to be able to use the hammer. Mjolinir is Thor’s pick of the lot when he bouts. In later years the Vikings used the hammer for all their exploits

Valkyrie means “selectors of the dropped.” She is a goddess who helps the god Odin.

This lovely goddess concedes ten free spins paired with a five times multiplier. Retriggering is possible for all of these bonus spins. With so many ways to win real money, the tide is with you.

Norse folklore has it that Odin is a king of the province named Aesir. Odin has special powers as he controls death and wars. Being a kind of all-around utilitarian type, he is also the sky god and is the deity of the finer things in life such as rhyme and knowledge. Magic is his most over-riding trait. Ravens are the ones who canvass the earth by flight and provide intelligence to Odin. If you can get into the Great Hall of Spins on ten subsequent spins, then you are in like Flynn. What this means is that you are entitled for twenty more free spins. And because the ravens are good mates to Odin, these fine feathered friends change to random symbols and exchange them for double and three times multipliers.

Loki is a major player in Norse legends. He was a good mate to Thor and Odin. In his youth he was known as a prankster. In Thunderstruck 2 Online Slots, these different characters all award a different prize.

If you for some reason do not complete a game and end in the middle of play, no worries, she’ll be right. Thunderstruck 2 will pick it up next time you play from where you left off. Be assured you won’t lose a cracker. Play Thunderstruck 2 pokies online on your desktop or any mobile gadget.

Good to be Accomplished in Life

A new online pokies idea is that it allows you get a gold status if you can gather up the variety of payouts regarding every icon. The paytable makes it clear. When you expose an image, paytables transform into gold. It also will keep a record of all your wins so you can get to a position whereby you can achieve a complete Gold pay table.