Wheel of Wishes Promo at All Jackpots Casino

Throughout the month of January, Australian mobile gamers will be able to increase their winnings and increase the fun of their gambling adventures when they sign up for the Wheel of Wishes Promo at All Jackpots Casino. The Wheel of Wishes brings casino entertainment to a new level of gambling excitement with five weeks of extra prizes to be added on to your regular game wins. 

Mobile Access

You can enter the Wheel of Wishes promo at any time and from any location on your handheld smartphone or tablet device. The casino connects to mobile devices via both WiFi and cellular connectivity. You'll be able to enjoy the best in online casino entertainment at All Jackpots with all available mobile casino bonus amenities.   

To participate in the Wheel of Wishes bonus promotion, sign into your personal mobile casino for Aussies account and navigate to the promotion page. You can open the page at  http://go.jackpotfactory.com/hlpromo/Jan/Wheel16.html on your mobile browser or click the "Promotions" tab to access the page. Sign in and you'll be able to automatically view the number of spins that you have waiting for you.

There are five promotional weeks which provide you with five spins – one per week. Every spin indicates a prize, ranging from cashback deals and free spins to free bonus credits, loyalty multipliers, loyalty points and tickets to the end-of-month Stardust Draw. 

Regardless of whether you're riding the train to work in the morning, taking a break from your work station, standing in line at the supermarket or watching the kids at the park when you get home from work, you'll be able to log in, play your favourite games and add bonus points and credits to your casino event at your leisure.   

Happy New Year

Since ancient times people have felt the need to celebrate the beginning of a new yearly cycle with a New Year's celebration. Archaeologist have discovered evidence that shows that people celebrated their new year with celebrations and merriment in ancient Mesopotamia and Persia. The Jewish celebration of the Jewish new year, which originally took place in conjunction with the holiday of Passover, was moved to the fall and is still observed today as a time of reflection and penitence. 

The ancients' new years celebrations centered on a lunar cycle but in 46 B.C. Julius Caesar introduced a solar yearly cycle and moved New Years to a winter date. He named the first month of the New Year "January" after the pagan god Janus. The Catholic Church, which didn't want reminders of paganism in its rituals, did not incorporate New Years into its calendar until the 1500s and many Protestant countries refused to accept the January 1st New Year until well into the 1700s. Yet by the beginning of the 19th century January 1st was regarded worldwide as the beginning of a new year and the point at which people could look forward to new hopes and dreams. 

Hopes and Dreams

The All Jackpots Casino invites Australian players to anticipate the possibilities that a new year brings with the Wheel of Wishes online casino promotion which will be running throughout the month of January 2016.   

There are 5 promotional weeks during this All Jackpots promo

  • Round 1: December 27 2015 through January 3 2016
  • Round 2: January 3 2016 through January 10 2016
  • Round 3: January 10 2016 through January 17 2016
  • Round 4: January 17 2016 through January 24 2016
  • Round 5: January 24 2016 through January 31 2016

Each week, as you sign into your casino account, you'll receive one free spin of the wheel with no additional deposit requirements. You can earn a second spin by playing four days or more during the week prior to your spin. 

Your spin will indicate your prize, with six possible prize options. You can win:

  • Cashback Deal – if you achieve a cashback deal it will be applicable to the deposit which you make directly following your Wheel of Wishes spin. You must use your cashback deal during the promotional round in which you receive it.
  • Free Spins – mobile players can take their free spins on the Avalon or Bridesmaids pokies. If you move over to your PC you can use your free spins on additional pokies including the Immortal Romance, Gold Factory, Ariana, Bridesmaids and Avalon pokies.
  • Bonus Loyalty Points – Bonus Loyalty Points are credited to your Loyalty Account within 15 minutes of prize notification.
  • Free Bonus – free bonus credits will be presented within 15 minutes of the wheel spin on which the bonus was awarded. There may be a minimum deposit required to collect your free bonus. If such a deposit is required you free bonus prize notification will include information about this deposit requirement.
  • Loyalty Multiplier – the Loyalty Multiplier multiplies the loyalty points that you earned over the course of the previous 48 hours. Loyalty multiplier points are not exchangeable for Stardust Draw tickets.
  • Tickets to the Stardust Draw which is scheduled for January 31st 2016. 

Stardust Draw

The big Wheel of Wishes bonus promotion comes to a big close with the Stardust Draw. Everyone has the chance to earn part of the $25,000 give-away in this draw. Your draw tickets are earned during your Wheel of Wishes spins OR by exchanging 50 regular Loyalty Points per ticket (loyalty points earned as part of the Loyalty Multiplier do not count as part of this ticket exchange).  

When you enter more tickets, you'll enjoy more chances to win. The draw is limited to one prize per person so if you achieve two prizes in the draw, you'll receive the prize that's worth the highest value. 

There will be 1440 winners in the end-of-January Stardust Draw including

  • $1000 bonus prizes for five winners
  • $500 bonus prizes for 10 winners
  • $100 bonus prizes for 25 winners
  • $50 bonus prizes for 50 winners
  • $25 bonus prizes  for 100 winners
  • $10 bonus prizes for 250 winners
  •  $5 bonus prizes for 1000 winners.

The Wheel of Wishes Promo at All Jackpots Casino delivers extra points, credits, prizes and more as you ring in a New Year of happiness and prosperity.